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Below you will find a sample of some of the services we offer, as well as a little education on what it entails:

Professional Exams and Cleanings

coupleDental Examinations are meant to diagnose dental diseases before they begin to affect your health. They can also help spare you discomfort and save you money by diagnosing problems that can be easily corrected. If a problem is not addressed early on, it may cause worsening pain and become expensive or even impossible to repair. Your dental exam will include:

Professional cleanings are a great tool in preventing decay and gum disease (periodontal disease). It includes removing plaque and tarter, as well as polishing and removing stains from teeth.

Composite fillings

Composite fillings are a tooth colored material that is used to fill in the areas where decay has been removed. It is often preferred over amalgam (silver) fillings because it matches your tooth color, contains no mercury, and bonds directly to the tooth, which may help to prevent the tooth from fracturing.


A crown is basically a cap that covers a tooth to restore the size and appearance of the original tooth. This is often necessary when decay forces the removal of more tooth surface than can be replaced with just a filling. The original tooth is shaped so that the crown is cemented over the tooth perfectly, protecting and strengthening the remaining tooth structure. The crown is made in a lab to your specifications, and is often fused to a porcelain material to match your other teeeth.

Veneers (Cosmetic Dentistry)

smileA veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that covers the front of a tooth. It is carefully formed in a lab to your desired shape and color. It is generally used for the front teeth in order to achieve the perfect natural smile you always wanted. They are undetectable, and are very durable.


A bridge is used to fill in the gap where a tooth is missing. The 2 teeth on either side of the missing tooth are prepared like they are for crowns. The bridge will contain 2 crowns, with an artificial tooth fused between. The artifical tooth will take the place of the missing tooth. The crowns are cemented on the other 2 teeth, resulting in permanent solution to the missing tooth.


Dentures are a removable appliance to replace missing teeth. They can be made for a portion of your mouth (partials) or the entire mouth, depending on how many teeth are missing.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening can be accomplished in 2 ways. One method is by making plastic whitening trays based on your tooth models. A whitening gel is placed on the trays, which are worn for a few hours per day. This results in a slow gradual whitening. The other method is called in-office whitening, which results in rapid whitening using a special formula and an activating light, resulting in several shades of whitening in about an hour.

Clear Aligners (referred to by some as "Clear Braces")

clearcorrectThese consist of clear plastic aligners that snap on and fit snug to your teeth. The aligners are computer designed to slowly straighten your teeth. Every few weeks, you put on a new aligner, which makes a slight adjustment to your teeth. Over time, this results in straighter teeth, giving you the smile you always wanted. The aligners are practically invisible, and completely removeable, so you can still eat whatever you like, and clean your teeth normally. There are generally 2 big names in the market of clear aligners. We have chosen to use Clear Correct, as they work very well, and offer more cost savings to our patients.


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